Spur Summer Trail Series

A year ago I was invited to film my first Spur trail series, and I loved it .
I love this series for a number of reasons!
1) I enjoy being outdoors and exploring our beautiful country.
2) While running is not my strength, this series makes it really enjoyable from beginning to end.
3) And probably the most important to me; FAMILY.
I love that this series is children friendly, and so many families come to enjoy the race together.
This makes my heart extremely happy to see people enjoying the outdoors, but also encouraging their children to join them.

The Spur slogan rings true at this series -- "A taste for life"
Man life is beautiful,and yes its filled with hard times;
stubbed toes, and sore muscles, but its all worth it.

This past sundays trail series was wet, like properly wet.
So the Hennops river gained some force as the day progressed.
Luckily the rain stopped, but the ground was muddy.
So the race was a "fun" challenge.
For more info about the race check out - http://www.trailseries.co.za

Ps - Thank you  http://www.bosicetea.com for the hydration.