DC Shoes Halloween Skate Jam

Once a year, when the wind howls and seasons change, the monsters under the bed come out to play. For some unknown reason they seem to enjoy skateboarding! Beware the creepers and crawlers that hit the ramps at the DC Shoes Halloween Skate Jam!

On Saturday, 1 November 2014, the annual DC Shoes Halloween Skate Jam, in association with Old School Productions, co-sponsored by Red Bull, Nixon and Von Zipper came to life. The R15,000 in prize money and a host of other fantastic prizes up for grabs ensured that the event attracted a horde of weird and wonderfully strange looking, plank-riding animals.

Hosted in Puddy Zwennis's backyard, the Halloween Jam was attended by a small, but tight group of riders, who had dressed up for this trick or treat occasion. Although this may not have been one of the biggest gatherings around, the skill on display was larger than life. It was incredible to see some of the youngsters ripping it up with the pros, who were all trying to outdo each other with their crazy technical moves.

By the end of the evening, it was clear to see that there are some seriously talented riders coming through the ranks. With their intense energy and jaw-dropping skills, the winners proved their stature in the half pipe and took their places on the podium as follows.

1. Yann Horowitz

2. Moses Adams

3. Khule Ngubane


And to end, I send forewarning; beware the creatures that ride your streets.
They have skills!